1What is your hourly cost?
We don't charge by the hour, that's not how our pricing structure works. Our services are offered as a custom created package, using different modules. Each with their own cost. Keep in mind that every service we offer is custom created and custom quoted. No two people or companies will have the same needs. For example the price of a logo and business card will be different than the price of a 2 year long Instagram marketing campaign. If you want to know our prices you will need to contact us through the contact form.
2What is your payment structure?
Typical, we embed payment milestones into the overall project, which are discussed in the proposal.
3Do you work on retainer?
Yes, but only after we have met and outlined your needs. We will include a retainer price in the proposal we send you.
4Can I make payments?
Yes, if that works for you. Just like our services, our payment options are custom tailored to your needs. We are here to help you achieve your goals. That's why we include the milestones.
5Can you send me a proposal?
Yes, but only after our first initial meeting, understanding of what the client's basic needs are and the scope of the larger project will we send a proposal.That is, if we feel we want to work with the client and that their brand and strategy aligns with ours. We will not work with cigarette companies, for example.
6Can you make me a website or a blog?
The short answer is, yes.
7Can I hire your exclusively?
Currently we are not offer our services exclusively to any one client.
8How long does a website take?
This depends on what you need? After everything has been ironed out and a strategy has been created, the actual process of creating the site is usually rather fast. Typically, we like to say about a month, which potentially leaves room for hiccups in the process. If everything ran smoothly we have been known to create a site from start to finish in a week.
9Can you help fix my website?
We would have to evaluate what your site currently looks like and what it actually is doing for you, but yes, we could probably fix it up for you.
10Can you make me an online store?
11Who does your printing?
We have a handful of very talented print vendors that we have vetted over the years to provide a quality product. They are scattered through out the United States.